The ideal greeting

Grüß Gott and its variant Griaß di (Gott) are greeting forms used especially in parts of Southern Germany, Austria and South Tyrol.
Also closely related to this is the Swiss-German expression Grüezi.

It is presumed that these forms of greeting originated from the Irish term "Dia dhuit" (pronounced, depending on the Irish dialect, "dia dit" or "dia gitsch"), which means "May God be with you".
This assumption is also supported by the fact that this greeting is widespread, above all, in those areas where former Irish missionaries were especially active.


The Golden Rule for the ideal greeting

Truly perceiving the other person at the moment of the greeting, and allowing that person to affect your own consciousness.
The other person becomes essentially an "event", just as you, yourself, become an event in the act of greeting.

In order to greet ideally, you have to toss away all of the ballast you have managed to accumulate over the course of a lifetime.
You should also consider that this special moment, this "event", this encounter with a fellow human being, will never repeat itself in the same way again.

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